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DATE: JULY 30, 2020      PRICE: $20,000

DATE: JULY 30, 2020      PRICE: $20,000

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Sell to the World's Biggest Consumer Market of
400 Million Booming and Growing Middle Class

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How it works

Besides its own sales channels, Tykou partners with dozens of distributors throughout China, and operates a bonded warehouse through a local company in China. Tykou helps brand owners sell to distributors in China, while connecting wholesalers and retailers with thousands of Chinese resellers in China who sell to millions of Chinese consumers on Tykou's duty-free cross-border ecommerce platform.

Brand Owners

If you are a nation-wide recognized brand that is considering to enter China market, Tykou is where you should go. With its omnichannel distribution network, Tykou can successfully help you expand into China, usually under an exclusive distributorship arrangement.


Slow sales, overstock or excessive inventory? Don't feel helpless and be haunted by moroseness. Let Tykou help you convert your slow-moving inventory into cash. You do not have to lower your price. With qualified buyers on Tykou, you can maximize your profit.


As a retailer, you can order more from your supplier than you can sell, so you can drive down your costs. While you can increase your profit margins, you can sell your excess stock in quantities on Tykou to make even more money. Tykou has buyers for you.

Direct Selling

Tykou's duty-free cross-border ecommerce solution is a perfect fit for direct selling companies. With Tykou, your sales to consumers in China are duty free and 30% off consumption tax and value-added tax. You can pass these savings to your customers.


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Our Service Guarantees

Turn-Key Onboarding

Unless your product is not sold by anyone on Amazon or eBay, you do not need to do any product uploading.
Become a B2B seller

No Hidden Fees

No hidden fees. No hidden work. No hidden risk. Everything is explicit and transparent at the time you onboard, and remains so.
Become a B2B seller

Based in US & Canada

Having operations in China through a subsidiary and partners, Tykou is based in USA and Canada, and understands your needs.
Become a B2B seller

How to become a B2B seller


Submit your application, and wait for the result of Tykou's evaluation (in 2 or 3 weeks).


Once accepted, you can access Tykou's B2B portal to select your fulfillment method - by you or Tykou.


Access Tykou's B2B portal to list your products by simply choosing from Tykou's database.


Your product listings are published on Tykou's B2B portal, accessed by thousands of resellers in China.

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B2B & B2C Integrated

Powered by Tykou's proprietary technology, Tykou offers a system integrated with B2B & B2C, catering to different supplier needs.
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Tykou's system supports multilanguage. You can always work in your first langauge at your store's admin panel.
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Duty Free

With Tykou's duty-free cross-border ecommerce portal, you can sell directly to consumers in China, duty free and 30% off consumption and VAT!
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